Packing list for Cambodia

One important piece of advice in advance: My Cambodia packing list takes all eventualities into account. I’ve included tips for both men and women.

In addition, some recommendations are intended for travelers in simple accommodations and include items that are provided in upscale hotels (shower gel, bath towels, hair dryer, etc.).

In addition, all leisure interests are taken into account. Whether hiking in the national park, temple hopping or a beach vacation with snorkeling tours. If some of these do not apply to your trip, you can delete some articles again.

And of course it depends on the way you travel. Are you planning backpacking in Cambodia or would you like to book a guided Cambodia tour or take part in a Cambodia group tour ? The less you have to do yourself, the less you need.

In summary: under no circumstances take everything that is mentioned below with you. Because all of that would be way too much and you probably don’t need some of it at all. So my packing list for Cambodia can be seen as a source of ideas so that you have everything in view. Just delete the things you don’t need.

The packing list consists of various subject areas, which are divided into the categories “Don’t forget” (these are the really important things) and “As needed” (depending on the destination and duration of the trip, personal preferences, etc.).

Your individual Cambodia dream trip

Would you like to have your trip organized by professionals? Whether beach vacation, cultural sights, nature experiences or honeymoon: With Fascination Southeast Asia you can book your very own dream trip. It is organized and carried out by local experts who have worked in Cambodia for many years and who know the best destinations, accommodations and insider tips. The itinerary is designed on the basis of your wishes, ideas and ideas. Basically, (almost) anything is possible. Also a combination with other countries in the region.

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