What You Should Know: Shopping in Cambodia

In Cambodia there are of course many supermarkets where you can buy everyday products. The largest supermarket chain is called Lucky. There you can get groceries and hygiene products, for example. You can buy some of the items mentioned in this Cambodia packing list there in case you have forgotten, lost or used up something.

If you’re looking to shop for clothes, it can be a bit tricky depending on where you are. It is best to do your errands in one of the shopping centers in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.

In most other places there are often only local markets, where it can be difficult to find something that suits us Europeans. The stalls almost exclusively carry smaller sizes that will fit locals but not most holidaymakers.

Only in very touristy areas do you sometimes find market stalls whose offer is aimed at tourists. Counterfeit clothing from well-known fashion manufacturers is also often available there. Basically, you have to negotiate prices in markets.

The best place to buy electronics is in Phnom Penh’s shopping malls. If you’re lucky, you’ll find specialty stores that sell genuine goods. Basically, however, I would not recommend buying (expensive) electronic items in Cambodia.

Important documents for Cambodia

To be able to enter Cambodia, you need a passport that is valid for at least six months and a visa. You can apply for the tourist visa, with which you can stay in the country for up to 30 days, in three different ways. Either in advance at the embassy, ​​which is the most expensive, as an e-Visa online (most convenient) or as a Visa on Arrival upon arrival (the cheapest).

Here you can find all information about the Cambodia visa .

Before you travel to Cambodia, you should also take out health insurance that covers the costs of doctor visits, hospital stays and medication during your trip. Make sure that repatriation transport to your home country is one of the services.

There are a variety of insurance companies with different offers. In terms of costs, your age and the length of the trip are the most important factors. There are special insurances for long-term travelers as well as the classic travel insurances that cover a “normal” vacation. Especially if you are traveling with children, you should also think about taking out travel cancellation insurance.

Do not forget:Note / please note:
flight tickets
passportMust be valid for at least another six months!
Vaccination certificate
Health insurance for abroadTake contact details and proof with you. You don’t have one yet? Here you can find all the information about “Travel insurance: Really necessary or a waste of money?”
Copies of the documentsAlternatively: Store scans online (e.g. on Google drive , Evernote or Dropbox )
Waterproof document pouchAvailable, for example, here at Amazon  or here at Globetrotter
As required:Note / please note:
International driving licenceNot valid in every country!
Passport photosFor example for visas, exchange tickets, Angkor visitors passports, etc.
Confirmations of reservationsFor example, for hotels, rental cars, bus transfers as well as train and bus tickets
International student ID

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